Off-Site Parking at LAX: Value, Security, and Safety

If you have never considered using off-site parking at LAX when traveling, then you should. Here are a couple of points that should convince you that off-site parking is worth it.

  • It is easy. All you have to do is book online, and your parking spot is reserved.
  • It is Safe: All of our off-site parking facilities are secure and covered.
  • We transport you to LAX. Our shuttle system runs on a 15 minute schedule. We never have delays, and you will reach LAX between 5-15 minutes of leaving the parking structure.
  • We Pick you up at LAX. Our shuttles will pick you up at LAX regardless of the time of day or night. We run 24/7 and 365.

How to Find LAX Parking: For the most convenient way to find parking for LAX airport just point your browser to 4AirportParking.

  1. Enter the date you will check in and the time.
  2. Enter the date you will return and the time.
  3. Click the Find LAX Parking Now button.
  4. Click on the map that will expand.
  5. Click on any of the parking balloons to choose that facility.
  6. Click on more details on the pop up and you will return to the last step of the process.
  7. Click on the confirm Availability button for the lot that you chose from the map.
  8. Add your services to the cart.
  9. Click Check Out.

It is a simple nine-step process, and it takes about one minute to make your parking reservation. If you have special needs, you can enrich your search results by using a filter. We make it easy to filter your parking search results by giving you options such as covered or not covered, self-park or valet and special services such as car washing.

Once you make a reservation all of the details will be forwarded to you via email. The confirmation email will contain the address of the parking structure and its location along with the contact information for that facility.

Valet Parking: For the ultimate in stress-free parking we offer valet parking services at some locations. All you have to do is drive to the lot, hand your keys to the valet parking attendant, and they will park your car for you. When you return you provide the valet parking ticket to the valet parking lot attendant, and they will bring your car to you. We make traveling via LAX as easy as possible.

Paying for your Parking: We make paying easy too. We only accept credit cards, and you pay when you checkout.

Parking at our Secure Lots: The only thing that you need to bring with you to the parking lot is a copy of your parking reservation. Your printed parking reservation guarantees you the online rates and your parking space. When you checkout, just hand the same copy of your reservation to the cashier, and they will handle your account. We make traveling from LAX as easy as possible.